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The shift to open banking and move towards value added services

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Open Banking

Open banking is set to have a major impact on the financial services industry. In the last few years, open APIs have gained traction and financial institutions are revisiting their channel and partner strategies accordingly. The revised Payment Service Direct, known as PSD2, is one of the driving forces behind this evolution but financial institutions in other geographies are also starting to explore the potential of using open APIs to drive new customer propositions.

API Digital

API Banking creates an environment that fosters innovation and allows delivering value added services to end users while still protecting the customer’s sensitive data. Banks will need to provide secure API access to basic services when aiming for compliance with regulations such as PSD2 – but most banks are exploring their options to extend the scope of their open banking project in order to monetize the investments made to open up their existing back end systems

Digital Solutions powered by SmartVista

Find out why Digital Solutions and Open API from BPC Banking Technologies is one of today's most powerful tools by reading our SmartVista API solution brochure below.

API Digital Brochure

Multiple roles, single platform

The SmartVista API Banking solution is based on the SmartVista Integration Platform and provides banks with a solid foundation for PSD2 compliance as well as additional, value added API products.

Support DevelopersSupport of Developers community

SmartVista API Banking solution comes packaged with a sandbox to allow these third party developers to test their solutions against and ensure interoperability of the applications as well as the necessary level of quality of the end user solution.

Outstanding PerformanceOutstanding Performance

SmartVista comes with built-in API traffic management and integrated system monitoring tools, allowing banks to stay on top of the performance metrics of their open banking infrastructure.

Out of the BoxOut of the box support

Our API Banking platform therefore does not only support multiple European standards, such as UK Open Banking, Berlin Group or STET, but also allows the creation of other domestic or proprietary API versions.

Multiple Roles on Single PlatformMultiple roles, single platform

The SmartVista API Banking solution supports the various roles defined in PSD2, all based on a single platform. It can be deployed to support access to account information and payment initiation services for third parties by a bank (or Acccount Servicing PSP) but can equally fulfil the role of a Payment Initiation service provider and Account Information service provider (either as a third party provider or as a bank that wants to leverage the PSD2 APIs at other banks)

Key Features

  • Full API management, including developer portal, monitoring, request throttling, security, multi version
  • Built in test tools and sandbox capability
  • Security first approach based on industry best practices and standards
  • Sophisticated PSU consent management
  • Powerful integration engine
  • Support of PSD2 API standards
  • Highly configurable workflow
  • Integration with strong customer authentication solution
  • Management of SCA exemption rules
  • Third Party onboarding
  • Infrastrucutre for PSD2 compliance as an AS PSP, extendable in other API domains
  • Payment initiation Service Provider capability as an extension on existing card based e-commerce offerings
  • Account aggregation capability
  • Integrated with SmartVista Fraud module for fraud prevention and detection


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